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For Hope, Try Jope - By Dr. Dan Reidenberg, PsyD

If you are reading this, I know a few things about you even though we’ve never met. 
I know that you love your dog and that makes you an amazing person. 
I know that you are a caring human being trying to do what is best for your best friend and that makes you a caring person. 
I also know that you are intelligent and inquisitive and that makes you a wise person. 
Regardless of what breed of dog you have, their age, where you live or what you do for a living, we share all of this in common.  We also share that our pet is struggling in some way, and we want to do something about it.

Reba a golden retriever dog

Twelve years ago, I was blessed by the addition of a fluffy, high-energy, full-of-life little Golden Retriever.  She came into our home to meet her big Great Dane sister who was a year old at the time and she was bound and determined to make sure that her sister knew who was going to be the boss in the house. 

Fearless, she would jump around and on top of her big sister playfully but always trying to get her attention.  Outside the two dogs would run across the yard back and forth.  They would race to see who could get to whatever animal was in their territory fastest and then right back to the door to the house where I would be standing for them to tell me who one and who was the greater protector of the homestead (i.e. their territory). 

My little Golden could run fast, but it was hard for her to match the long legs carrying her sister across the yard with far less effort.  But she would return with her head up high, proud and wanting me to see how fast and nimble she was compared to her sister.


A year into having my happy Golden Retriever we noticed some walking problems that turned out to be something far worse than we could have ever expected.  After a visit to her vet and an orthopedic specialist, we learned that she was born without any hips. 

I know that sounds impossible, but if you saw the x-rays, you would know that when the vet said she had no hips, he was telling us the truth. 

The femur bone was not properly connected to the hip socket, unlike other dogs. There was no actual hip joint, just two bones without the expected connection.
All she had was muscle and ligaments holding her legs to the rest of her body.  My heart sank and my worry for her future was intense. 

What was going to become of my little girl?

Reba has no hip socket dysplasia


Amazingly, she grew and became the best gift I have ever received.  She got bigger, faster and her personality truly did become the driving force in my life.  She figured out how to play and be safe. 
She knew what her limits were and how to protect herself when she was outside of her comfort zone.  For the next decade everything was wonderful.  


Like all pet owners, we know that our pets will get older and faster than we do and definitely sooner than we want them to.  As I watched this happen with my dog, I worried more about how she would get up and down stairs, go outside and be able to play. 
I would try and walk her for about 15-20 minutes a day in the neighborhood and believed it was helping keep her muscles strong. 

But, as time went on, I could see things becoming harder for her.  While she never seemed to be in pain, things were just harder.  The vet suggested supplements that I have tried, but it is hard to know if they ever really worked.  So, my search to figure out what else might help her began.

Reba was suffering from her hips' problem

I read a lot of articles about various supplements which promoted social media sites to promote to me many, many different products.  I was pretty skeptical thinking that they all had great marketing companies behind them, more fluff than substance. 

As I looked into many of them more closely, they all had variations of the same core components which made me wonder why any would work differently than the others, or even if they would work at all. 
I searched and searched. 
I wanted something different. 
I was willing to try anything for my dog and not just go with the status quo.

I began losing hope that I would find anything different and then I saw an ad for Jope. 

I thought it was hope at first which gave me a moment of hope that I had finally found something.  After realizing it was Jope, I thought I would dig a little deeper into it and see if it was anything different than everything else that I had been seeing. 

And there it was: research. 

Unbiased and scientifically studied, Jope had something that the other products didn’t. 

The creators of Jope will tell you it is UC-II (collagen), and I will tell you that it is hope.

Dr Dan has tried Jope on Reba for her hips problem


I ordered one bag and couldn’t wait for it to arrive. 
I just wanted to infuse my dog with this product, but I had to be patient. 
I gave her some chews and waited. 
I ordered more and waited. 
I watched for signs that it was helping, and I finally got one. 

She used to have these tremors in her legs.  They didn’t seem to bother her, but they scared me.  Since she has been on Jope, I haven’t seen any leg tremors anymore. 

She has a bit more energy and definitely has bursts of energy that she didn’t before starting Jope. 

She still struggles to get up and go up the stairs, but she does it now and sometime much more quickly than before. 

Has this “cured” her?  No. 
Has it gotten her back to so many of those videos you see online of dogs all of a sudden running again?  No. 
But I do believe that Jope has improved her quality of life and her mobility. 
That has given me hope.

So has one other thing that I think is worth mentioning.  The founders of Jope, veterinarians themselves who have loved and lost pets of their own, are not your typical vets. 

They truly care about each and every one of their customers. 

They are smart, entrepreneurial for sure, but they also deeply want you to have the hope that I’ve found in their product for yourself.  And they want the best for your pet. 

I trust them and so much so that I told my vet about them, and their clinic is looking at recommending Jope to other pet owners. 
Even greater, the main ingredient in Jope for pets is something humans can take and because of Jope, my vet himself is actually switching from the old standard of care glucosamine to UC-II collagen, the product in Jope. 

If you are looking for hope, order Jope.  I receive nothing out of writing this, other than my hope for you that the love that you have for your pet continues for years to come.

Dr. Dan Reidenberg

Dr Dan Reidenberg and Reba

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