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JOPE Reviews: Real Stories, Real Results

Transforming Joint Health, One Chew at a Time"

Feel the Joy – Pups in Motion with Jope!"

Each Jope Hip & Joint Dog Chew is more than just a treat; it's a commitment to your dog’s long-term mobility and joy.

Made by vets, Jope Hip & Joint Dog Chews feature UC-II® collagen, shown more effective than glucosamine, Omega-3, and Curcumin to support healthy joints. Crafted with care in Michigan, these tasty chews are cold-pressed with a minimal list of inactives, mostly organic. Each batch is third-party tested—because your dog means the world to us!

We thrive on honesty and actively engage with our customers' experiences. Our review section is a live testimony to the Jope difference, continuously updated with real stories from pet owners like you.


As we gather more feedback, we refine and expand our offerings to meet your and your pets' needs.

Your insights are invaluable—join our community of caring pet parents by sharing your Jope story.

Pawsitive Feedback from Pet Owners

It actually works and it is better

"My 112LB bully has a really bad front elbow. I’ve tried numerous supplements including Wuffes. These work much better, and we noticed a big improvement in days. We continue using it daily."

Dan F.


Turned my 11-year-old dog into a puppy again!

"My dog Ollie, an 11-year-old Goldendoodle, started limping and leg shaking a few years ago. JOPE helped him regain his puppy bounce, and he can play fetch to his heart’s content again!"



Return to Old Self

"Since we started using Jope, 14-year-old Shea has been getting out of her bed more often, greeting us and helping us answer the door just like she used to. Great supplement!"



Vet-Approved: Why Jope Works

Dr. Giraud - DVM, ECVIM, Internal Medicine Specialist

"After reading studies about UC-II®, I decided to try Jope Hip & Joint Dog Chews on my own 11-year-old Havane. I must admit I didn't expect such visible results so fast."

"Dr. Giraud was impressed by the rapid improvement in her own pet, highlighting the effectiveness of our formula"

Dr. Giansetto - DVM, Veterinary Surgeon

"Jope Hip & Joint Dog Chews are my go-to supplement for my patients. With the combination of UC-II®, omega-3s, and curcumin, it's simply my favorite formula among the supplements on the market."

"A veterinarian surgeon, Dr. Giansetto values Jope for its comprehensive and effective approach to joint health."

Dr Dave
DVM, Generalist

"I chose Jope for my dog Macy and now for my clinic because of the scientific studies supporting its ingredients and the positive results I've seen in my own dog. It really works!"

"Dr. Dave highlights how great Jope chews are for dogs, making it easier for owners to maintain their pup's joint health."

Ingredients and Testing Results

Only the Best for Your Best Friend: Our scientifically supported formula uses cold press technology to preserve the potency and efficacy of each active ingredient. Jope chews are crafted with care in Michigan, USA* with a limited number of inactive ingredients, mostly organic, in a NASC-approved facility.

UC-II® Collagen

Harnessing the power of UC-II®, this ingredient is proven to be more effective than glucosamine and chondroitin in maintaining healthy joint cartilage. UC-II® supports cartilage production, ensuring that only proven ingredients are used to enhance your pet's joint health.


Omega-3 Fatty Acids:

One of the most researched and proven ingredient for joint health in dogs. These beneficial nutrients, derived from fish oil, are crucial for your dog's joint health. Our formula is made with high-quality fish oil to ensure your pet receives the best support for their health. We have high quantities of omega-3 fatty acids per chew, higher than leading brands.

Curcumin(from turmeric):

A plant with natural antioxidant properties that is part of a thoughtfully chosen blend of active ingredients backed by science. It works with other ingredients to enhance joint function by supporting normal inflammatory pathways.


Our Furry Friends Prefer
Jope's Chews!

Trials and Statistics on the Product

Proven Efficacy: Science Speaks for Itself

Jope Hip & Joint Dog Chews are not just another joint supplements; they are made with scientifically proven ingredients to enhance your dog’s hip and joint health. With rigorous clinical studies backing our claims, you can trust Jope to deliver noticeable improvements.


  • 85+ Studies Reviewed: Our active ingredients were selected after reviewing over 85 scientific studies, ensuring that every chew offers the most effective solution for your dog's joint health.

  • 20+ Years of Clinical Research: The ingredients in Jope have been supported by more than two decades of clinical research, confirming their efficacy and safety for regular use in your dog's life.

  • 81% Improvement in Joint Health: Dogs taking UC-II collagen showed an 81% improvement in joint health assessments by vets compared to a placebo, demonstrating significant benefits in mobility and quality of life.

  • More Effective Than Glucosamine: Clinical comparisons reveal that UC-II®, one of Jope's three main active ingredients, is significantly more effective than glucosamine and chondroitin in reducing joint discomfort and enhancing mobility. Including objective assessments made with specific machines called Ground Force Plate.

A Detailed Story of Transformation: Meet Rocky and Ayush

Meet Rocky, a spirited pup with a zest for life, and his devoted owner, Ayush. But life took a harsh turn when Rocky was diagnosed with early-onset arthritis and hip dysplasia. Everyday activities became a struggle, and Rocky's joyful spirit was overshadowed by discomfort. Watching him struggle just to relieve himself, Ayush felt helpless and heartbroken, fearing that Rocky's days of joy were a thing of the past.

Desperate for a solution, Ayush consulted their trusted veterinarian who recommended Jope Hip & Joint Dog Chews. Sceptical but hopeful, Ayush started Rocky on a regimen, praying for a miracle.

Over the next three months, Rocky showed miraculous improvements that Ayush had not dared to dream of. Each day, Rocky regained a little more of his old self. Something as simple as peeing had been a battle for Rocky due to the stiffness in his legs and back. With Jope, Rocky was able to behave normally again. Jope's co-founder, Dr. Christine, even had a conversation with Ayush.

Rocky wasn't just walking; he was running and playing, bursting with the boundless energy he once had.

Now, Rocky charges through fields and parks, his eyes bright with the sheer delight of movement. "Jope has been nothing short of a lifesaver," Ayush exclaims with a smile that mirrors Rocky’s newfound vitality. "Seeing him play and run without any hint of discomfort is the greatest gift. I wholeheartedly recommend Jope to anyone whose dog's facing joint issues as Rocky had".

Ayush's story is a testament to the power of hope and the miracles of modern veterinary science in joint supplements.

Sabrina C. & Chichi.

"He takes it like his favorite treat! It makes it easy!"

Eddie T. & Gray.

"I could tell that her energy level improved!"

Daniela L. & Batman.

"I feel like my dog has years added to his life span."

Thousands of happy customers

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