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Secret veterinary tips to help your dog lose weight

Secret Veterinary Tips to Help Your Dog Lose Weight While Managing Their Appetite

Weight loss is an uphill battle for everyone involved, but it's one worth fighting for if you want your dog to live a long healthy life. Once you've determined that your dog is overweight, it's time to establish a plan to help them shred these unwanted and unhealthy pounds!

by Jérémy ADJOVI-BOCO on November 02, 2022
How to know if my dog has fleas or ticks

5 Key Facts You Want to Know About Internal and External Parasites in Dogs

The simple word parasite might make you shiver, and for good reasons! Google's definition of parasites is as follows: "an organism that lives in or on an organism of another species (its host) and gets its food from or at the expense of its host". It makes sense that we don't want to get parasites or our pets to have them. But unfortunately, our world is filled with them: worms, fleas, and ticks, to name a few.

by Jérémy ADJOVI-BOCO on November 02, 2022
2022 Elizabeth Street Garden Dog Parade - Pictures and 5 things to know

2022 Elizabeth Street Garden Dog Parade - Pictures and 5 things to know

The non-profit Elizabeth Street Garden organized the Halloween dog parade for the third time this year.
Jope sponsored, and the two founders went to capture the moment! Everyone had a great time! Dogs, pet parents, and viewers all enjoyed the parade!
Here are five things you should know about this fantastic event. Plus, we share adorable pictures of cute pups!

by Jérémy ADJOVI-BOCO on October 31, 2022


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