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5 Best Joint Supplements for Golden Retrievers by a Vet - 2024 Update

Ah, Golden Retrievers – those bundles of sunshine and unlimited enthusiasm.

If you've had the pleasure of sharing your home with one, you know their irresistible blend of radiance and charm. And yes, they might just give the sun a run for its money.

Now, while I don't boast a degree in Golden Retriever linguistics, I'm a bona fide dog devotee and pet aficionado (or as some call it, a veterinarian).

Joint care is my specialty, especially when it comes to our vibrant Golden pals. 

Those joyful bounds, spirited sprints, and endearing antics deserve a standing ovation. But just like any star, our Goldens need a little extra TLC for their joints – a secret formula to keep them agile and active.

So, here begins our adventure – an exploration into the world of joint supplements tailored for Golden Retrievers.

Grab a squeaky toy (because who can resist those?), and let's embark on a journey to uncover the golden key to boundless vitality!


Golden Retriever Facts


  • Popular in the USA: Ranked 3rd in popularity among dog breeds in the USA.
  • Ideal for Families: Known for their gentle nature, making them great companions for children.
  • Outdoor Needs: Require regular outdoor access for their well-being.
  • Balanced Physique: Well-proportioned body featuring a horizontal topline, robust musculature, short loins, and a deep chest.
  • Coat Varieties: Offer three different coat options.
  • Health Concerns: Prone to hip and elbow dysplasia.
  • Skin Issues: Susceptible to atopic dermatitis and other skin ailments.
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Does Your Beloved Golden Retriever Need Joint Supplements?



Golden Retrievers are in the top 10 of breeds predisposed for hip dysplasia making them ideal candidate for joint support as early as 12 months of age to limit the onset of arthritis in their older years.


Sadly, that extra weight adds strain to their joints, exacerbating any existing issues. Given that Golden Retrievers are medium to large breeds, their joints endure extra demands from their playful endeavors.


How to Choose the Best Joint Supplements for Goldens?


1) Relying on Science and Studies


I have a knack for sifting through studies conducted by fellow veterinarians and researchers to determine a supplement's worth. Opting for supplements backed by scientific research is my preferred approach.


2) Quality Over Quantity of Ingredients


Some supplements flaunt a laundry list of components, but more isn't always merrier. Focus on ingredient quality over quantity to steer clear of potential interactions. Aim for supplements with a select three to four active ingredients to ensure safety and effectiveness.


3) Quality of Inactive Ingredients and Made in the USA


Pay attention to those inconspicuous "filler" ingredients on the label. Opt for supplements with minimal, wholesome inactives. Organic inactives can mitigate pesticide exposure, and ingredients like cassava flour can aid digestion. Opt for meat-free options for dogs with allergies. And don't forget, prioritize supplements made in the USA that adhere to stringent standards.

Relieve joint pain for golden retrievers



4) Format and Palatability


Chews usually hit the sweet spot – palatable and easily digestible. Just ensure your furry friend agrees on the taste, or they might play the picky eater card. For those with particular tastes, liquid options or toppers might save the day.


5) Steer Clear of Chondroitin and Glucosamine


Despite their ubiquity in joint supplements, the efficacy of chondroitin and glucosamine is shrouded in doubt. As a veterinarian, I advise against banking solely on these two. The only promising study was back in 2007, and since then, doubts have overshadowed their benefits.



A Vet Expert's 5 Reasons to Use Collagen for Dog Joint Health

Collagen is a protein that plays a vital role in the health of our body's connective tissues, including joint cartilage. I will discuss the safety and benefits of collagen for dogs, the different forms it can come in, and my recommendation regarding the best collagen supplement for dog joints.

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What are the Essential Ingredients for Golden Retriever Joint Health?

Golden Retrievers thrive on ingredients that combat inflammation, bolster joint health, and maintain mobility. Here are the pivotal five that have demonstrated their worth in nurturing your Golden's joint well-being:


  • Omega-3 (EPA & DHA): These fatty acids pack an anti-inflammatory punch, easing joint discomfort.

  • Undenatured Type II Collagen (UC-II): This marvel trumps chondroitin and glucosamine, regulating immunity and supporting joint health.

  • Curcumin: A natural anti-inflammatory that alleviates joint pain and stiffness.

  • Boswellia Serrata: A herb with natural anti-inflammatory properties, easing joint discomfort.

  • Green-Lipped Mussels: Rich in chondroitin sulfate, these mussels nourish joint health.



Key facts about UC-II®

UC-II® = Undenatured Type II Collagen

  • UC-II® reduces dog pain and inflammation.
  • According to scientific studies, UC-II® works better than the combination of chondroitin and glucosamine to relieve your dog's pain and help them regain mobility.
  • UC-II® and Omega 3s are the only supplements that demonstrated benefits in plate-force studies. Chondroitin and glucosamine failed to do so.
  • UC-II® is an undenatured type II collagen derived from chicken sternum cartilage with a patented extraction process.
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Vet-Recommended: The Top 5 Hip and Joint Supplements for Golden Retrievers


Jope Hip & Joint Dog Chews:

Jope joint chews for golden retrievers

- Pros:

  • Effective joint improvement seen as early as 3 weeks in my patients with maximum joint pain relief in 3 to 4 months.
  • Patented UC-II® collagen, substantial omega-3 and curcumin doses for top-tier joint support.
  • Crafted by vets.
  • Cold-pressed to retain ingredient benefits.
  • Plant-based chicken flavor for tummy and intolerance-friendly support.





     Ellevet for golden retrievers

    - Pros:

    • A popular CBD choice among vets.
    • The only CBD product studied in the veterinary realm.
    • Some efficacy demonstrated in studies.




       Movoflex virbac for golden retrievers

      - Pros:

      • A go-to for many veterinarians.
      • Promising results from Eggshell membrane.
      • Includes Boswellia serrata.




      Cosequin and Dasuquin:

       Cosequin and Dasuquin for golden retrievers

      - Pros:

      • Widely recognized and sold.
      • High-quality chondroitin and glucosamine.
      • Favored by veterinarians.



        Ceva Geri-Active:

         Ceva geriactive with UC-II® collagen for golden retrievers

        - Pros:

        •  Contains UC-II® collagen.
        •  Includes omega-3 and Boswellia serrata.
        •  Dosing scales with weight but falls below the effective range.
        •  Available in various sizes.




          When to Begin Joint Supplements for Your Golden Retriever?

          As a rule of thumb, I advise against starting joint supplements for Golden Retrievers under one year old, unless they've been diagnosed with joint problems. Focus on proper nutrition during their rapid growth phase. If joint issues are diagnosed, earlier supplementation might be beneficial.

          For senior Golden Retrievers, joint supplements can prevent and alleviate joint problems. However, each dog is unique, so consulting your vet before choosing a supplement is crucial.


          In a Nutshell


          Selecting the right joint supplement for your Golden Retriever might seem daunting, but with expert guidance and accurate information, it's entirely achievable. Opt for supplements featuring scientifically proven, quality ingredients. Start early, combine proper nutrition, exercise, and the best joint supplement – these elements hold the key to preserving your Golden's vitality and joy for years to come.


          Author: Dr. Jeremy

          Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), MS

          Meet Jeremy, a passionate veterinarian and co-founder of Jope, with a decade of experience—7 years in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industry and 3 years as a veterinarian. Passionate about enhancing the well-being of pets, Jeremy's mission is to provide practical, evidence-based advice and products that support pet parents and their furry companions. His favorite breed, the Australian Shepherd, holds a special place in his heart for their playfulness, cleverness, and beauty.

          Join Jeremy on an insightful journey through the world of pet health and discover how science and compassion come together to improve the lives of pets.

          The content presented here is for informational purposes and reflects Jeremy's own opinions, expertise, and experience. It is not intended to replace professional veterinary consultation, diagnosis, or treatment. For personalized advice and care for your pets, always consult with your veterinarian.

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